Follow In His Steps

Well, the Bible certainly doesn’t list Jesus’ top summertime activities in descending order. But we can get a clear sense of what Jesus did and how he spent his days, and follow in his steps.

First, Jesus did A LOT of Hiking. With a very few notable exceptions when he rode a donkey or took a boat ride, Jesus walked everywhere he went. The Gospels tell us that Jesus walked the length and breadth of Judea, Samaria and Galilee visiting from village to village and town to town. He walked into the mountains. He walked in lonely places. He walked by the sea. He even walked on the water! So, this summer… Go outside and take a walk!

Second, Jesus went out of his way to Help people. Jesus went throughout all Galilee healing every disease and sickness among the people. He even went so far as to cross the Sea of Galilee from Capernaum to the eastern shore to help one man whose life had reached a dead end. Wherever Jesus went he helped people. Word spread as far as Syria and Jerusalem and The Decapolis and they brought to Him all that were sick with infirmities and torments, and He healed them… often with only a Word… Because sometimes, that’s all it takes.

Third, Jesus would Head for the Water. Whether it was the Jordan River, The Sea of Galilee, or the Pool of Siloam… Jesus always seemed to find his way to the water. On sunny days or stormy days, it didn’t matter. He would go out in a boat sometimes to tell stories… sometimes to sleep. He would find a quiet place to pray, he would reflect on what God was up to, he would restore his soul… and the souls of those around him. And there were times when he just stirred things up by inviting those who followed him to get in over their heads.

Fourth, Jesus would Hang out with the kids. The Disciples thought that Jesus shouldn’t be bothered with little kids. But Jesus helped them see a bigger, more beautiful picture, gathered the kids around Him and let everybody know that the kids were more like the Kingdom of Heaven than all the adults who thought they had it all figured out.

Fifth, Jesus invited and encouraged people to Have Less Stuff. Jesus knew, long before the experts on clutter and organization came along, that one of the secrets to being truly free was to have less stuff. Because in some strange way all the stuff we own really owns us. Downsize your life… Live more simply, if only for the summer, and find your treasure in Heaven.

I don’t know what you plan to do this summer, but I plan to follow in His steps. And I’m looking forward to a wonderful, blessed summer adventure. I hope you are too.

Grace and Peace,
Pastor Mark