Practice, Practice, Practice

I went for a walk last week, out around the neighborhood one evening and I could tell that the season is changing. It wasn’t because the nights have gotten a little cooler now than they were in the peak of summer…on that evening I could hardly notice the difference. And it’s not that the leaves are changing color, I suspect we still have a while to wait before we see the seasonal change from the greens of summer to the red, orange, yellow and gold of Autumn.  I couldn’t feel the change in the air…and I couldn’t see the change happening around me. I heard it.
I could tell that the season is changing because as I walked through the neighborhood I heard, coming from one house and then from another, the sound of students who have started back to school…practicing their instruments and learning their music. I heard pianos, I heard horns, I heard violins and I heard some stringed instruments I couldn’t identify either because they were unusual instruments or they were familiar instruments played in an “unusual” manner. I even heard my all time favorite – welcome to the new school year musical instrument…the Flutophone! In one home after another you could hear it…students making the time and taking the time to practice…practice, practice, practice. A new season has begun and you can tell because all around us students are practicing in order to learn and to improve and to excel and to someday come to find the joy and the wonder and the life that is written into the heartbeat of every piece of music
A new season has begun in the life of the church as well.  And now we, as Jesus’ Disciples – Students of The Master- have to put away our summertime routines and begin again to make the time and take the time to practice, practice, practice the life of Faith. Yes, Faith takes Practice…and Acts 2:42 tells us that we practice the life of Faith most fully when we share in, or as Luke puts it “devote ourselves to” experiences of Learning, Fellowship, Worship, and Prayer.
Practice Learning – Tuesday morning Bible Study begins on Tuesday Sept. 6th at 10:00. Thursday evening Bible Study begins on Thurs. August 25th at 7:30. This year we will be studying The Parables of Jesus. Come, be a part of learning and living the life of Faith.

Practice Fellowship – We practice Fellowship through our Sunday morning Fellowship Teams.   And a wonderful Fellowship Experience coming soon that you can be a part of is our annual – Great America Autumn Adventure together on Sunday September 11th after worship. Sign Up in Calvert Hall or just contact the Church Office (408-252-4478 or

Practice Worship  As Pastor Rick Warren points out, God has given us the great gift of experiencing Joy and Gladness and of sharing Joy and Gladness with God.  We were made for God’s good pleasure…and God finds pleasure in those who Worship Him and Trust in His Love.
Practice Prayer – Join with our Deacons in the ministry of Prayer…by becoming a part of our Prayer Team.  Share your joys, your sorrows, your needs and hopes and dreams in a prayer request with the Pastor. Take time to pray…every day…in the midst of a busy world.
It is time to practice, practice, practice, practice our Faith…that we might find the fullness of joy and wonder and life that is written in to the heartbeat of every child of God.
Grace and Peace,
Pastor Mark