Our Mission

The mission of Union Church of Cupertino is to worship God, to discover and understand our God-given gifts, and to humbly use those gifts for the sake of helping other. We seek to uphold and enhance our relationship with God and to bring people to know God through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our Vision

Why should people want to come to church… And why come to THIS church??? There are plenty of other churches out there, Big Churches… Mega Churches with impressive Programs, and Praise Bands and Empowered Preachers “blowing 7 different kinds of smoke”.
So why come to Union Church? Well, I believe the answer to that question has absolutely nothing to do with programs, praise bands, or empowered preachers.… But it does have everything to do with what God is bringing to life here at Union Church of Cupertino.
Not long ago I read an interview with Bill Hybels, the Senior Pastor at the Willow Creek Community Church located outside of Chicago. Founded by Hybels in 1975, Willow Creek Church now averages over 20,000 attendees per weekend, making it the fourth largest church in the United States. It is widely recognized as one of the most influential churches in America.
So I was a bit surprised when I read in the interview some of the things that Hybels has been “reborn” to in recent years of his ministry and some new understandings of the life of the church that have come to him through his “Second Conversions”. This is what he said,

“A church ought to be diverse IN EVERY WAY that its community is diverse if it is to properly be called an Acts 2 church. That means age diversity, ethnic diversity, socioeconomic diversity, and religious tradition diversity. Many of us have figured out we can grow a church more quickly by doing our music and programming to attract only one kind of person. But how does getting a group of people who all resemble each other and like to hang out with each other anyway demonstrate the awesome mystery of the body of Christ? Wouldn’t a group of young people who got along with old people and Black people with Hispanic with Anglo and Asian and Indian people with rich people and poor people be a mystery the world would have to notice? The larger witness of the church is more permanent than a temporary number surge. Plus, it’s biblical. The Bible is the manual for the church and it tells us that in the same Christ-community ought to be people of all flavors. The church is to be a house of prayer for all nations. The New Testament strategy for church growth is not to find a niche of people to reach, but to strive to make the footprint of your church resemble the footprint of your community.”

This is the community that God is bringing to life right here at Union Church… age diversity, ethnic diversity, socioeconomic diversity, and religious tradition diversity. And God is giving us the rare and unique opportunity to share in this awesome mystery of the body of Christ.
Come and be a part of this amazing work of the Spirit of God. At Union Church of Cupertino – share with us in the joy of the journey!