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"I play the notes as they are written, but it is God who makes the music."


-Johann Sebastian Bach

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About the UC Music Program

Rehearsals every Wednesday at 7:00pm in the Sanctuary
email to join

The music ministry at Union Church continued to grow in 2023 and the music committee was instrumental in bringing new ideas and music to worship.  We are fortunate to have many talented members of the congregation who sing and play musical instruments. Rumyana is always ready with musical selections and accompaniments for choir, congregation, and other soloists and small groups. Sophia has been actively involved as accompanist and singer, and in providing choral warm-ups.

This year we welcomed Andrey to the A/V team. He has helped us to determine the upgrades that need to be made in the soundboard and mic setup to best suit our needs with live music, livestream, and with future recordings. Our sound team is confident in their ability to improve sound quality in 2024, and for many years to come. 


The music committee held a special meeting in June, including Pastor Mark and members of the choir, planning aspects of rehearsal, warm-ups, song selection, and scheduling. Thank you to Rich and Roxanne for hosting.


In December, the UCC Choir and Sunday School team teamed up for the Cantata, ‘Bethlehem’s Child’. Guest musicians included Mariechristine on Violin, Doreen on Flute, and a trio of trumpeters. Thank you to all the musicians and teams who help make music an integral part of worship every Sunday.


Dr. Ross Hoksbergen- Music Director

  • Do I have to have music experience to join the choir?
    No, we welcome anyone who feels the desire to sing. Although we will be reading sheet music every rehearsal, our choir is made up of people of all skill levels, and there are no wrong questions!
  • What type of music do you perform?
    We use the United Methodist Calendar to plan our music, however we have a storage of hymn arrangements that vary in genre.
  • Do I have to come to every service if I am in the choir?
    No you do not! We will have choral anthems scheduled in advance, but if we do not have a choral anthem performance, you are not expected to attend. If you cannot make it to rehearsal, or to a certain Sunday when there is an anthem, just email the music director to let him know.
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