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Christian Education

Our Christian Ed program is a hands-on approach to getting familiar with the Bible, with a goal to help our students apply its teachings in their everyday lives.

About the Christian Ed Program

Our lessons these past couple of years have successfully used individual 13-week studies from GROUP, each focused on a particular topic. Topics have included The Fruit of the Spirit, Friends of God in the Old Testament, the Lord’s Prayer, and The Beatitudes. The lessons are interactive and include the bible story, an activity (craft, game, or both) and discussion that brings the story into today’s world. Our goal is for the students to become familiar with the Bible and be able to apply it to their everyday lives.  We had great fun inviting members of the congregation to role play a character from the Old Testament-- in costume (script is provided) to interact in the lessons.


We have a small but mighty class, and this year we successfully transferred our learning into creating and presentations such as the Youth Sundays in which the youth wrote and presented the Sunday service; the journalism investigation and reporting about Holy week and Easter and how those events impacted a number of individuals; and our written collection, Prayers from the Stable.

We have also focused on serving—being Christ in God’s world, and twice made 50 bag lunches which we took along with donated socks, hats, and scarves, down to St. James Park. We also practiced gleaning and harvested apples for Sally Skeels. The apples were then donated to a food share for the farmworkers and homeless.




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