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Our History

Union Church in Cupertino celebrates over 130 years of service to the Community...

Union Church in Cupertino celebrates over a 130 years of service to the community…

Union Church was established in 1884 by a congregation seeking worship programs best meeting their needs.  The church had its informal beginnings as an at-home Bible study group at the home of the McClellans, one of Cupertino’s pioneer families who owned a ranch near today’s McClellan Road.

The first church was built in 1884 at the corner of what is now Stevens Creek and De Anza boulevards.

The church moved to its location at 20900 Stevens Creek Blvd. in a land swap deal in the late 1950s. The old site is now the Crossroads Shopping Center on Stevens Creek Blvd.

The sea captains and orchard workers who once traveled miles by horse, wagon and foot over dirt roads to attend services at Union Church of Cupertino each Sunday may no longer be around, but after nearly 13 decades, the church continues to draw people from miles away. The church is among one of the oldest in the in Santa Clara Valley, it has deep roots in the community and knows the community's need and how to serve them. 

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