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Praying Together
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Our Mission

The mission of Union Church of Cupertino is to worship God, to discover and understand our God-given gifts, and to humbly use those gifts for the sake of helping others. We seek to uphold and enhance our relationship with God and to bring people to know God through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Why should people want to come to church… And why come to THIS church??? There are plenty of other churches out there, Big Churches… Mega Churches with impressive Programs, and Praise Bands and Empowered Preachers.  So why come to Union Church? Well, we believe the answer to that question has absolutely nothing to do with programs, praise bands, or empowered preachers.… But it does have everything to do with what God is bringing to life here at Union Church of Cupertino, our Faith, the Families and the Community is what it is all about. 

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Worship with us on Sundays!

10:00 AM
Inside the Sanctuary 
or via LiveSt

Click the button below to join us! 


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